How To Help


Supplies we're always in need of:

  •  Composite

    • packable shades A2, A3, A3.5, B2

  • Anesthetic

    • Lidocaine 2%, Septocaine 4%

  • 27G + 30G Needles

  • Friction Grip Burs

    • 245, 330, #4 round, #6 round, carbide football, fine flame, finishing burs

  • Dycal, Vitrebond or similar

  • Etch

  • Bond

  • RMGI cement

  • Chromic gut sutures

  • Interproximal sanding strips

  • Gloves

  • Masks


Special reusable supplies we need:

  •  Composite guns

  • Aspirating syringes

  • Composite condensers

  • Plastics instruments

  • Dental mirrors

  • Needle drivers

  • Spoon excavators

  • Ball burnishers




Baseball is an extremely popular sport in the Dominican Republic so baseball related gear/equipment is appreciated.

Girls of all ages love getting new dresses and accessories. 

Toys for all ages are brought on every trip give out and can really impact a child's life.

For further inquiries please